This morning i went on my usual routine of picking my friend up, before driving to the hospital. There was another traffic jam on the road, and a long queue to the turning that i am supposed to turn off at. I needed to enter that turning or it will be a few kilometres (at the minimum) before i can do so and that is probably going to add another 15-20 minutes to our journey, and we will definitely be late for the surgery we wanted to observe. No one wanted to give way and i could not just wedge myself in between two cars as i will be holding up traffic in the lane that is heading straight. I was quite aghast because normally if i am in the queue, i would provide a space to allow a car to turn in. A lot of drivers unwittingly find themselves in the wrong lane for this turning. So i did the next best thing – i cut across the chevron markings which the previous car had done.

There was a road train next in line.

Something similar to this truck.

There was ample space between him and the car in front; enough for him to slow down to let me into the turning. He refused. He blasted his horn and squeezed past. That’s all fine by me, i allowed him to pass. But he was halfway through when i realized he was towing not one, but two containers. There was no way he would be able to pass me without hitting my car. Now, i know this guy was plain foolish. My friend and i stared as his containers ambled past my car. I was waiting for him to hit my wing mirror (there was no way i could move) and that would be it. I will be claiming insurance from him. I think he soon realized he was not going to make it and he stopped. And started yelling profanities at us. It was so loud i could hear him through my closed windows, over my radio and over the din of the adjacent highway traffic. Fine. Regardless whether he was not courteous enough to give way, i still should not have crossed the chevron markings. So i flashed him an apology sign and drove on.

On the two-lane highway, i changed lanes into the faster lane. I saw this container truck speed up and then signaled to turn into my lane. Like i mentioned before, he is towing two additional containers, so he would need a significant distance if he wanted to change lanes. I was right smack in the middle of his containers. And then i knew he was trying to run me off the road. I think he expected me to drive onto the divider but i did not. Instead i just stopped in my lane and blared my horn. He was probably not anticipating my reaction, so he was forced to slam on the brakes of his massive vehicle and he came to a grinding halt, again. He resumed his spill of vulgarities. So there we were, the both of us, causing peak hour morning traffic to come to a standstill on the freeway.

I sped up to overtake him, and in the process i flashed him the middle finger, my first. You need to be a psycho and a retard if you tail a small car and attempt to run the car off the road over a bloody turning. That is criminal. There was another truck behind me and i saw the driver hastily stop to let this crazed fool into the lane. We were probably providing morning entertainment for all the other drivers. So now that i was past the truck, he was directly behind me. And he started tailgating me. Him and his two massive containers. Tailgating my friends. It is hard enough to tailgate in a small car, let alone a bloody freightliner. I was not too concerned because we were cruising really slowly and i knew he did not have the balls to hit my car. If he had the guts, he would have easily done so at the turning or when he attempted to get me off the road. However i was angered. Really really upset. And this on hindsight, i probably should not have done (after reviewing and analyzing the scene in my head a couple of times, after getting told off by my friend in the car, and after discussing with a couple of friends who are drivers), i started provoking the maniac. I deliberately drove slowly despite being in the first lane, and i know this mad driver could see the large space between myself and the car in front of me because he was seated way high in his cab. Given a brief glimpse of his temperament, i knew this would probably pissed him off even more. And then i braked hard a couple of times, not hard enough for him to not be able to react, but enough to force him to slam on his brakes so he got a pretty jerky ride.

Then i switched lanes because my turning was coming up. He switched lanes too and from my side view, i could also see that he was trying to catch eye contact so he could verbally abuse us more, i suppose. But i ignored him – another sure way to set the tempers of people like him, off. And he did his boring game of tailgating. This time i did not bother with the brakes because i was tired of this stupid game. Somehow i had the sense that he was disappointed when i made my turning. I could have accelerated (and so would he) and then jammed my brakes and make a sharp turning out into the exit. He would not be able to follow because his was a massive vehicle or he would risk toppling. I did not because i did not want to be responsible for a massive accident and get other innocents killed or hurt because of one of society’s scum. Also i would be behaving as irrationally and as psychotic as him.

Although i refuse to admit to myself till much later, i am actually quite shaken by the whole incident. What on earth would possess a man to behave like this? And how on earth did someone trust him enough to let him earn not just a truck license, but the license of a freight liner? Was he on drugs? I tried to calm myself down by telling myself that he may have some serious family problems, such as the parent i had a few weeks back, who had to work even though his newborn child was stricken with a serious condition and he could not spend time with his child as his employer could not find a relief worker. But then i wonder to myself, if a man in such a situation has no qualms about the lives of others, then maybe, he really deserves it. Karma does come around to bite you in the arse you know. You don’t just go through Life as though there aren’t any consequences.

I was told that i should not have engaged this psycho by flashing my middle finger, honestly i would have felt a great deal more frustrated and like a doormat if i did not. In times like these when i encounter unreasonable buffoons, i know i will never find an answer, and i have to seek a way to quell this sense of self-righteousness and indignation that want to see men like him behind bars or committed to the death penalty. Last year, a new father was killed on the road because someone was deliberately stalling him. This guy was rushing to the hospital to welcome the arrival of his son. Some other fool on the road had other thoughts. He tried overtaking but crashed instead. The sick motherfucker who had nothing better to do but to be one of society’s scums was never found.

The world would have been a better place without these idiots. And i think it is just plain saddening if people curse your very existence. But you know what? There are plenty of people like these men around, alive and kicking. I think, as a society, we have failed if we are breeding people like these.

Update here.


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