More than 12 hours after the incident, and after BJJ training where i have officially sprained my right elbow (power, reflexes and sensation all normal for the curious, so i just have to deal with the niggling pain), i find myself still brooding over the incident, so i made an uncharacteristic call to my father. My father being the person to talk to because he is a seasoned driver (the love of long road trips comes from him) and thus would have met many unruly drivers in his lifetime, and more importantly he has a temper (obviously an inherited trait). After i explained what had happened, our conversation went like this…

“He’s not normal. If he was, he would not be driving the way he did.”

“He tried to run me off the road.”

“If you wanted to retaliate, you could but you must make sure that you are a distance away and put as many cars between you and him as possible.”

“He was tailgating the other drivers so they gave way to him, and he caught up with me.”

“You should not aggravate truck drivers.”

“And let him get away with it?”


“Just like that?”

“The Police will not be able to do anything about it. How can you prove it? This person may have family issues.

“So he does all these illegal stuff and he gets away with it.”

“Yes. There are many people out there who gets away with stuff. What can you do?”

“So i guess being a bad person is easier.”

“This is Life.”

“He gets away with it…” i murmured more to myself.

“You have a small car,” my father replied without missing a beat.

Fine. That’s it. I should not have provoked that fool. I should have left him alone.

I know this all sounds so easy and i am pretty idiotic to even continue on this mad tirade of mine. But it’s really not the driving per se that incenses me. It is the fact these people seem to get away with their bad deeds that annoy the heck out of me. I should have just gone into Law, but i might have busted an aneurysm in court instead. Like a Chaplain once told me, “You are not their keeper, so let it go.” God, this lesson is so difficult to master.


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