So tempting…

I am so tempted to skip my full day of lectures tomorrow. So tempted. So tired.

I love Saturday nights. I get the whole day off, and i sleep tight knowing full well that it is not Monday the next day and i get to sleep in!

Today was going well. I got back early from volunteering. I got to hose down the dog kennels today; it was kind of fun. I love mundane chores like these, give me time to myself, a break from anything complicated. I got home and it was before 11am. Read a few pages of my novel (Sookie Stackhouse #6!), lazed on my couch and then fell asleep. Woke up fifteen minutes later to drag my exhausted self to bed. And slept more…and got rudely awoken by my phone. I forgot to switch it to silent mode. Argh. Two calls and two messages later, and still refusing to walk back to my living room to retrieve my mobile, i laid awake, unable to sleep, wondering if the calls were urgent. Sure sounds like it right? It was my brother, asking if he could borrow my car. AHHHH!!!!!! There goes my nap.

Things went downhill.

Gosh, i am so fatigued. Next week is going to be worse. Fuck. I feel like screaming.


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