I got the bill from my mechanic. My recent car service cost me almost $1000, no kidding. He told me that all my tyres were running really low, something about the thread marks being less than 1mm (or is it centimetres?). I also know he was not trying to earn more profit because i could feel my car slip and slide a little whenever i go too fast, and i have been forced to take corners at lower speeds, which is bloody infuriating.

Each freaking tyre costs me $150. The service itself cost me $600. Plus alignment and all that wonderman shit that i could not understand but consented to. In the end, i only replaced two tyres. I told him that i needed to keep the cost below 1k. So i have two brand new Bridgestone front tyres, and the best two out of my four remaining Yokohama tyres. (The spare does not count – it grew a lump and therefore was not roadworthy; and i could not afford Yokohama tyres because they cost $50 more per tyre!) I suppose i can do drifts now. I have tried doing my corners again and there is an appreciable difference, my tyres no longer screech, and i can feel the Bridgestones grip the road powerfully. I am happy. I will probably only change my other two tyres in six months time even though the mechanic did advise me that as a medical professional (can’t believe he used that as an example!), i have seen how badly car accidents can go in the wet weather.

Anyway, this is not the point. The point is that i believe my left front tyre has been out of alignment. There is a rattling noise which is more obvious when the engine is idle. The rattling started when i was driving along a country road, and some hare/rabbit dash out onto the road. I did not even have time to react. It was see rabbit-felt rabbit-saw remains. That was how quick it was. That was my first roadkill. I did not feel good but part of the guilt was alleviated by the fact that there really was no way i could have stopped (either i hit it, or i slam on the brakes and spin out of control myself, or cause the car behind to ram straight into me) and because the fool of a rabbit caused some damage to my tyre!

Then just now, on the way home from my Japanese lesson, i saw a possum illuminated in my headlights on a dark street. I slowed down but did not stop because i expected the animal to bolt. It did not. The result was a very slow roll over the possum. It took me a few seconds to recover from my horror. When i looked in my mirrors, i wished i drove a little quicker because i went so slow that the possum actually had time to slowly decompress and explode. I know because i saw innards roll across the road. I was very shaken after that. I do not understand why it did not run. It froze. What the fuck! I did not mean to kill you. I would have gone much faster if i had known that i would hit you – it would have been more merciful.

And it was my brand new Bridgestone tyre, this time on the right side. ARGH.

I was so appalled with myself that i had to tell my housemate. She told me something in return. That a mutual friend had actually hit a stray dog as it was running across the freeway, and he had to wash the dog off his car when he got home. Dear Lord. I feel better and sicker all at the same time. Tomorrow morning when it is brighter, i do not want to see possum on my Bridgestone tyre…please.


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