Dog tricks

For some inexplicable reason, this week has been quite unreasonable. Most part of the week, i found myself coming back late from the hospital, let the dog in for a minute or two, rest on the couch for another couple of minutes, before i am hassling the dog out again, and dashing for my next appointment. By the time i head back home again, i feed the dog and the birds, and i check myself straight into bed, or hell, i am going to need more than three shots of caffeine to stay awake the next day.

Today is Saturday, and i have been up since 7.30am. I wake early tomorrow morning again to volunteer at the RSPCA. Dear Lord, i give a lot to sleep in for one day. Sigh.

No long entries today because i need to get some sleep. In brief, the dog learnt two new tricks at obedience class today – High-five (which is really a variant of “shake hands” but looks way smarter and cooler, and i was personally surprised by how fast my dog learnt the trick. I know she’s fast, but this is a bit on the crazy side) and Crawling (need to work on that more though).

Before our drive down to the obedience club. The dog likes popping her head out of the window.

Not exactly the image i wanted to capture but close enough.

My Spanish lessons have been progressing at a slightly more rapid pace. My vocabulary list is expanding at an exponential rate as i am preparing to take the DELE (Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera – Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language), the official accreditation for the Spanish language either at the end of this year or beginning of next. My lessons have become more interesting, i guess in part, because i was starting to get a little bored with learning at a slower rate.

My flute teacher on the other hand was growing quite exasperated. I must first add that he is a fantastic and very patient teacher, so when he was on the verge of tearing his hair as he tried to will me to reach the high octaves consistently, it is saying a lot. I am not quite sure why i am not getting it, maybe it is because of an ulcer on my lower lip (courtesy of the dog who lept up excitedly when i was bending down to hug her, and the result was a collision which gave me the ulcer) but i reckon i just need more practice which i am trying painfully to achieve. My flute teacher also tested out my flute and i now know first hand that my flute can produce some beautiful music and i should do something about my abilities.

Time to wash the dishes and get some sleep. Tomorrow will hopefully be a more relaxed day.

A brilliant rainbow on the way back from the hospital. Nice way to end the week.


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  1. Dear Spud,

    I feel so happy for you and inspired at the same time. You get so many things done!! I should take leaf out of your book. Maybe rest is over-rated and I should stop putting off the things I’ve always wanted to learn. 🙂

    • Rest is not over-rated! At the risk of sounding clique, there’s never a good time to start, so you might as well make it now. Are you going to resume salsa? 🙂

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