The life of a med student #2

Never sleep in my line of vision!

I’m starting to turn this into some kind of warped habit – taking photos of sleeping medical students. He was asleep throughout the entire lecture! And he was in the second row. One day, i believe i will be the one picked on for taking photos (albeit as discreetly as i possibly can) in the middle of a lecture.

That said, i wish they sell caffeine injections commercially. They give premature babies with apneas caffeine injections (no, i kid you not); so why can’t they provide it commercially? I bet there will be a huge market for it. Also it beats having to drink bad coffee brewed by incompetent baristas just for the caffeine. Plus all the fat from the milk and mocha has to go somewhere – my arse and hips!

To the McDonalds barista who made my coffee today, i specifically asked for warm coffee; you nodded in understanding, but i nearly burnt my tongue. I had to wait an hour for my beverage to cool down before i can gulp it down in one massive caffeine hit! You are lucky i managed to stay awake for that hour, who knows someone else might have punked me on their blog for snoozing!

Also i am up to 3 shots a day to keep awake. The dehydration is causing a pimple outbreak; don’t think my facial therapist is going to be too amused.


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  1. why are premature babies given caffeine shots?

    I’ve totally cut out coffee in my life for about more than 6 months already. I think it’s great, but the caffeine from tea needs multiple doses to take effect.

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