Pectus excavatum

Pectus excavatum (this is a random image i got from Google).

Today i learnt how to create a pectus excavatum on someone (not literally of course). A few training sessions ago, one of my opponents applied this technique on me – by kneeling one knee on my sternum to prevent me from getting up. This technique is new; i never learnt it in Judo because it would spell immediate disqualification from a competition, but in BJJ, anything goes. I did not know how i managed it, probably because my opponent took pity on me since it was my first day in training, so my sternum did not break. Anyhow i practised it today and on different parts of the body. Clearly if i practiced it on someone, my training partner also got to apply it on me. I honestly wondered if i might perforate a part of my stomach or intestine, or lacerate my kidneys. Never mind.

You know what? I think i still like Judo more than BJJ because it is a more graceful sport. Since i can’t seem to prevent myself from getting hurt in Judo, i will have to contend with BJJ which is the most similar martial art to Judo. I know it sounds strange that i may get hurt less in BJJ especially when i twisted my right wrist (my dominant hand!), nearly wrenched my right shoulder, and compressed my right maxilla (cheekbone) today, but i’m double-jointed (going to touch wood now or i will jinx myself in the next training session) so i get away with it. With Judo, i get thrown from a height, and there’s no way to lessen the impact.

Also i have got another photo to show.

Who's got the nicer foot?

In my first training session, i ripped my toenail off despite trimming them short. Then last Friday, i slammed my toe against the top of my shoe whilst playing badminton with my friends. I felt something give. I came home and noted the distinct colouration of my toenail. Guess what my first thought was?

Thank God it’s blue not black – it’s not gangrenous!

Guess what i did next?

I tested for capillary refill, twice because i was paranoid. Aha. Good to note refill was still less than three seconds.

All right, enough blogging for tonight. Need to exfoliate my face – all those rolling and tumbling on the mats (wonder how often they clean the tatami mats anyway) are not too good for my skin. The pimples are sprouting like it’s spring time. Can’t wait for my facial this Saturday.


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