Fissured tongue

Back when i was still studying biology (remember plants guys? Phloem, xylem, transpiration and all the other useless stuff i was forced to waste half my life on) and had to do stupid experiments (something that required precipitation or something), my biology teacher would ask us to relate the suspension and the colours to what we see in our daily lives so we can remember. For example, if the precipitate looks a shade of brown that cannot just be characterized as brown because there’s reddish-brown, blackish-brown or what not, we can remember it as coffee-coloured or something like that. It helped to a certain extent (until there’s so much to remember i just gave up and memorize everything cold). It is similar in medicine, but some comparisons are just…just crazy. Go figure.

The fissured tongue (scrotal tongue) is a malformation manifested clinically by numerous small furrows or grooves on the dorsal surface. If the tongue is painful, brushing the tongue or irrigating with water can reduce the bacteria in the fissures.

Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics (18th Edition) Chapter 312, p1540

I’m glad that some authors of medical textbooks have a sense of humour. It really lightens the mood and provides motivation to read on. Talley and O’Connor are another two authors that write good stuff in a funny way.


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