Too much for my own good

Sometimes i think i always bite off more than i can chew, or intend to do so anyway. There are so many things i want to do but i just lack the time. The old adage that said that we should never put off what we have always wanted to do, or it will be too late, does not work for me. On the contrary, i think i am terrified i never get to achieve whatever i want to do so i desperately start all of it now, which is not the best idea. In fact i doubt there will  be a good time, nor will i ever have enough time. I honestly wonder what it is like once i graduate. When i work as a full fledged healthcare professional; will i still feel so frustrated? Will my career provide enough stimulation to sustain me for a good couple of decades? I am very tired of medical school. I know i know, i am nearing the end, and by golly, i have never feel so relieved in my life. I have never felt so trapped by an institution, i don’t understand how people can study on and on – don’t they feel stifled? I only know that if i still feel so restricted after i graduate, a few years down the road, i will definitely not be in this profession anymore. I cannot feel any more cheated having slogged six years of my youth in medical school only to go into business. Once again, i wished that Medicine is a postgraduate course. You are just too young as an undergraduate to make such a big decision. Fuck, six years did not seem like a long time when i signed the acceptance letter to medical school at age 18. At 21, i can feel the visible difference and every minute feels like an eternity.

Obviously i am not in a very good mood today. I am just so bloody tired. ARGH!

(Thank God it’s Friday.)

(Ok i should go and get some sleep now before i turn into a grouchy old lady. I get to sleep in tomorrow! Till 9.30am! Then i need to take the dog for our obedience classes. Then i will have to attend a few lessons. Then i get to breathe again! Then maybe, maybe i will take the dog for a super long walk around our neighbourhood! If i don’t feel so tired! I doubt it. Sigh.)


Just for laughs. I was walking my dog when i saw this sign in the distance. I nearly had a heart attack. I saw “Ward Rounds”, and literally felt palpitations. God i must be stressed.

Look again, "Ward Rounds"!


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