Wake up and smell the coffee no more

Trying to establish a routine

I didn’t  go for my BJJ training today; i was just so darn tired. I think i am not accustomed to these sessions of intense physical activity anymore although i am slowly slipping back into the rhythm. Ever since i resumed martial arts training, i have been so physically tired that i really need to take a nap to rid myself of the fatigue which is affecting my concentration. I thought if i take a serum creatinine kinase level right now, mine will be probably be sky high. An interesting thing of note is that i am actually feeling guilty that i skipped my training. How strange.

I am way behind my readings for Pediatrics. I read and read and read some more till my head swims, but i never seem to get to the bottom of the pile. Oh my God. Every day is jam packed with stuff. Today i had 4 hours of back to back tutorials. Halfway, i had to excuse myself so i could splash cold water on my face to wake myself up.

I have got ward rounds tomorrow. Physicians ward rounds are so long; i kind of miss the touch-and-go surgical ward rounds that i have been exposed to for the past few months. Also since i am driving to the new hospital i am based at, i have lost the time on the trains where i used to read my Economist. These days i attempt to get to the hospital early, get a cup of bad coffee (seriously, coffee is the currency of the hospital, so please make it good. Why do hospital administrators or whoever’s job it is hire such terrible coffee baristas??) and try to read a few pages of The Economist. But it is so difficult.

Dear Lord, i am feeling incredibly stifled this week. Far out. Thank God for the weekend. I just need to get through tomorrow.


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