Sometimes it does not pay to try too hard. My friends and i took the later train to one of the hospitals (we usually catch the earlier one and rock up for lectures a good half an hour earlier but today we were just sick of being so early) and the train was delayed for reasons unknown to all of us passengers. Then our tram never arrived so we took a different tram. Except when we were on the tram, one of the light fixtures broke and fell onto a lady. I only heard her curse really loudly and saw her clutching her head in (exaggerated if you ask me) pain. There were five of us medical students on board the tram, and it was evident we all had the same thought in our heads – please don’t pass out, please don’t bleed, please don’t have anything major because we would like to stay out of this fracas and just be on time for our lectures.

Obviously the tram was delayed because the lady stormed up to the driver and was basically very rude to him. On one hand i can understand her anger; on the other, how is it the driver’s fault? She mentioned something about the tram falling apart but i wanted to remind her that she probably voted for no tax rises and a great many welfare systems in place (homeless people, young single mothers, easy disability payments to think of a few off the top of my head), what did she expect? Where exactly did she think the extra money would come from? If healthcare does not have enough funds, i do not think the Ministry of Transport is going to get a break either.

I think this lady is going to sue, and is probably going to be rather successful too. I wonder how much the payout will be. Also she bled a little (very little; i probably bleed more from training in BJJ, which is to say not a lot) and she kept dabbing at her head. I wanted to tell her to quit dislodging the small clot that is trying to form to seal her wound shut but i just minded my own business. When we alighted, a couple of stern officials boarded the tram, i suppose to resolve this issue. Anyhow, by the time the whole fiasco was over, we were half an hour late. Thankfully, the Professor of Pediatric Surgery did not pick on us; i guess he figured if a large group of us was late, the public transport is the one to blame.

I also went for BJJ training today. I took a double take when i was putting on my headgear at the dojo. I saw a massive bag that looked suspiciously like a defibrillator sitting on the counter. I have not seen it in my last few training sessions. I merely dismissed it in my head. Later i found out that someone suffered a heart attack at the last training session (thank God i was not there. I can do CPR but i am going to have to read the instructions when it comes to using the defibrillator and i do not think that is a good look). But i was told that one of the students training that day was a Cardiologist in training, so it must be the fellow’s (the guy with the heart attack) lucky day (depending on how you see it, but i am an optimist). Unfortunately, the Cardiologist also popped his knee in that same training session so i do not think i will be seeing him anytime soon. I do not know what goes on during the weekend training sessions but it sure sounds intense so i think i am going to give the weekend sessions a wide berth, not that i am free anyway, since i have to take the dog to our weekly obedience training classes.

How did i learn of all this information? I was told because one of the instructors found out that i am a medical student so he felt an obligation to inform me of all the other students in the club who are in the health profession. I appreciated that kind gesture. I also discovered that the Cardiologist is practicing in the same hospital where i am based for my pediatrics rotation. What a small world indeed. In today’s session which appeared tamer than Saturday’s session, someone broke his toe [the first thing i thought of was buddy-taping (to the other toe)]; i wonder how he is going to drive himself to the hospital or back home. The last session i attended, someone developed a fluctuant lump in his knee. He thought he busted a small blood vessel. I think he is right, he just earned himself a haemarthrosis. I hope he went to seek medical help instead of sitting it out.

Exciting day wasn’t it? I am dead beat now. Gonna wash the dishes and get some much needed sleep. I suspect i will still need to rely on caffeine to get me through tomorrow.


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