Rage syndrome also known as Episodic dyscontrol syndrome

Patients develop sudden and recurrent attacks of violent physical behaviour with minimal provocation. The attacks consist of kicking, scratching, biting and shouting (including abusive and profane language). An affected child or adolescent cannot seem to control the behaviour and may seem momentarily psychotic throughout the attack. The episode is followed by fatigue, amnesia and sincere remorse. A routine EEG may show nonspecific abnormalities in patients with the rage syndrome. The EEG in such patients during the attack remains normal.

Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics (18th Edition), Chapter 594 p2478

Um…wow? How does the EEG pads remain in place when the patient is thrashing around in fury? Also, it sounds like a lot of the people i see on Friday nights. We even have a name for this syndrome? Unbelievable. Oh there’s Hereditary Chin Trembling too. Sometimes medicine just cracks me up. And by the way, i was doing serious reading on epilepsy when these sections came up.


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