Where did all my time go?

I had three days off in a row and yet at the end of it all, i do not feel adequately rested. What spare time i have, i spent it completing all the less urgent tasks that have been waiting patiently for me, so now that my short break is over, i have no urgent and non-urgent tasks waiting for me, but i am still exhausted. When tomorrow hits, i am going to be swamped, the tasks awaiting me start accumulating, and we are back to square one. Sometimes i wish i have home help. Household chores are murderous – laundry, cooking, cleaning (yes despite the hired cleaners once a month, i still have to vacuum because of the dog hair that accumulates and the inevitable dirt she brings in, and now the seeds the birds happily toss out of their cage when they feel gleeful). And i still have to think about working out, walking the dog, and (ohmygodpleasekillme) cleaning the bird cage on a daily basis.

Today, on my last day of my short break, i promised myself that it will be a day spent doing all the leisurely things that i wanted to do such as sprawling on my couch to read my novel (it has been two weeks and i am still only in the middle of The Last Lecture, and people this is not a thick book! I could easily finish it in a day!), watch the DVDs that i have brought back from Potato Land three months ago, browse through my subscription magazines which are again collecting dust (!! Guess who reads past issues from more than a year ago???) and maybe take the dog for a nice comfortable stroll along the creek.

The day started off fine, i laid in bed till half past nine refusing to get out until the dog started whining for her breakfast (i really should not blame the dog for her early morning risings since i am the one who started the routine at 6am and some days before 4am when she was a wee pup) and the birds started chirping merrily (these spoilt birds are getting too used to their morning habit of being put out in the backyard to enjoy the morning sunshine and the company of the other wild birds). Instead of making a beeline to the couch after feeding the dog and myself, i made the mistake of switching on my computer, and ho ho, decided that it is high time i get through some of the journal articles that i have been saving on my hard drive. I am actually reading NEJM and AJS in my free time?! I must have a fever. Then i moved on to revising my languages and things just went downhill from then. It is now 7.30pm and i have to make my dinner and lunches for the week and walk the dog and clean out the bird cage.


The only good thing is i finally got round to rearranging all three of my bookcases and had the delight of chucking out a few old textbooks such as Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy and the ridiculous Kumar and Clark’s Clincial Medicine. Guys, if you can help it, buy alternative texts (Snell or Ferri’s respectively). I wasted enough time and too much money on such lousy books, it is maddening.

Ok i am going to quit whinging. Shall boil some rice and take the dog out for a walk in the rain with my red umbrella. Ho.


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