Lance and Delphina

Instead of waiting until Friday, i bought another budgie today. It was not planned. After clinics, tired and bruised (i’m really nursing a mumbling headache, and all four corners of my head hurt), my friend and i made a detour at the nearby shopping centre. I was really just browsing till i saw the white and sky blue one that looked so unusual, i was not ready to pass her up. So i got her. Unfortunately, she has a disability too. I only noticed it when i got back. One of her right toes had broken off, and it isn’t a recent thing because there is a large haematoma there. Never mind.

Lance has been very active and daring. He hasn’t really learnt to fly yet, choosing to climb with his beak and claws. The new budgie which i have christened Delphina is now the one worrying me. She has not eaten nor budge from her cautious perch. I hope she doesn’t die. She does occasionally stretches her feet, which is very strange. She stands upright whereas Lance plops himself down on the perch. Lance sleeps backwards facing the wall, clearly a very non-domesticated trait, whereas Delphina sleeps upright probably from habit – sharing the cage with a million other birds. It would be fun to see their habits rub off each other. Although they have not been lovey-dovey yet, Lance has no qualms about huddling next to Delphina and she does not snap at him. This is going to be an interesting time for all of us.

As for my BJJ stuff, i bought the red Adidas earguards (they ran out of the Brute ones) and both the black and the blue gis (they had a special!). Also i need to stop spending. I have spent $500 in the last two days. I think that is enough. I am going bust.

Delphina and Lance

Note the nice shade of blue on Delphina.

Huddling together

P/S: What’s up with the sudden number of visitors? I got a fright when i saw the number shot up by more than 50 today! Is it the birds or BJJ drawing the crowd??


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