Brazilian Jiujitsu

So yesterday i went to observe a BJJ grappling class, and i felt the adrenaline pound through me. The class was run exactly the way i like it to be – less talk, more walk. Bouts of grappling throughout the whole session, ensuring a good cardio workout and strength training, and not a moment of boredom.

Today i went for my first training session. I loved it. For once, i finally felt all my muscles worked and stretched, something which i could never achieve with my runs or my gym sessions with my personal trainer. But of course, it came with a price. Within the first fifteen minutes, i ripped off the top corner of my toenail on my right big toe. I felt the familiar, i wouldn’t say pain, but certainly an uncomfortable sensation, looked down and almost smiled at my injury. It has indeed been a long time. Then i fought a couple of bouts. After the third one, i wasn’t even trying to subdue my opponent; i was just trying to survive. It was quite mad. I also got kicked on the right temple, and i have the last vestiges of a mild headache. All good fun, although i did wonder if i was getting myself a extradural or subdural haemorrhage.

I did learn two things from tonight: 1) I must never turn my back to my opponent in BJJ. I do so in Judo and i get away with it. In BJJ, i will earn myself a choke. 2) Take it easy and be patient. BJJ is all about frustrating your opponent and getting them to make a mistake so you can eliminate them. In Judo, you best be on offensive, or you be thrown and that’s it.

Also i am going to buy a earguards – those things you sometimes see rugby players donning on. Not for my ears, but for my long hair. My hair kept getting undone during the session, and i hold my opponents up before each bout so i could adjust my hair. Also i do not think my hairband will last very long under such testing circumstances. Although the Adidas one comes in my favourite colour, i think the single band provided at the top of the head and the double bands at the back for the Brute earguards are more suitable I am looking to get the Brute earguards, and also a black or blue gi (though i am leaning towards the former). Plus i need to decide whether i would like to stick to my usual Judo-styled gi (longer and roomier) or a slimmer styled BJJ uniform.


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