I recently bought a Billy bookshelf from IKEA. It was a decision i had been putting off for months because i kept telling myself buying the bookshelf after i move to a new place is a better idea. But we never moved, and my books kept accumulating. The combination of my brother selflessly bringing 20 books over from Potato Land for me and the sight of the sagging shelves of my overloaded bookcase convinced me otherwise.

The bookcase was relatively affordable except delivery was one-third of the cost price (the shelf too long to fit into my car, wth?!). Then i wanted to get someone to set it up for me because i have no time, and the precious spare time i have left; i would really prefer to do something else (think: perhaps doing my homework for the foreign languages i am learning?). But assembly costs $75! The sum of the assembly and the delivery would cost more than the bookcase itself. I do not see how i will ever live that down, so my housemate and i set to get to work.

You would think two medical students would find it a breeze to fix a bookcase from IKEA. Hah. Clearly not. I fitted the top part wrongly and yanked it out, only to break a bit off. My housemate was appalled and demanded i dropped the idea of attending martial arts classes since i was clearly too strong for my own good. I on the other hand, was laughing hysterically. Anyway, i circumvent the problem by ramming the broken bit back in. When it came to nailing the flimsy cardboard piece at the back of the bookcase, my housemate set to work hammering them in conscientiously. Except when we lifted the bookcase up, we saw that two of the nails had actually jutted out onto the shelves. My housemate was of course horrified and kept apologizing profusely. I was not upset; in fact i was highly amused. No big deal. The point is, i have a new sleek-looking bookcase. Those minor flaws can be easily overcome by stacking my novels on the shelves, which was exactly what i did. Now my old shelf looks a bit forlorn; i just have not got around to filling it with the rest of my subscription magazines, medical textbooks (the slimmer volumes) and my language text.

My handsome bookcase in dark brown filled with my non-medical books.

See the bookshelf in steel on the left? That's reserved for the massive textbooks characteristic for Medicine. They will break all other shelves. (Trust me, i have tried.)


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