Not so innocent

I like fantasy novels as long as they are not too far fetched. DragonLance and Resident Evil are good. (On a sidenote, i am so proud to own the entire series of Resident Evil. *Smug smirk* Hah. I have been searching high and low for them in every bookshop over two countries but no bookshop was good enough to stock up on the entire series. I was adamant about buying singular copies. In the end i just got the whole set off Amazon. No, i am not re-selling them. I will leave them for my great grandkids and great great grandkids!)

Anyway i was tempted to buy the Twilight series but the second movie was so off-putting i had second thoughts. I flipped through a couple of pages when i was at the bookshop and that just made up my mind for me. However, i have heard rave reviews about the Sookie Stackhouse series, so i bought the boxed set of eight volumes.

It really isn’t as innocent as it seems. The novels packed so much sex in each slim volume, it can put authors like Sandra Brown and [insert your favourite author here, cos’ it’s obvious i don’t read that many novels that pack such as sex punches] to shame. That morning, i whipped the book out on the morning train to read. The details were so torrid i could feel the first stirrings of a flush appearing on my cheeks and neck, and i do not blush easily. I had to hastily switch to The Economist because i was so embarrassed. My God.

I don’t even know what is the appeal of the novels. It is supposedly a cross between a mystery and fantasy. The suspense is not engaging; the fantasy makes me go “Huh?” and the romance is just…cheap. But why do i persist in reading???


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