A few days ago, i went for my weekly personal training sessions. I was not feeling well; in fact i had several bouts of diarrhea (thanks to the lamb i baked for dinner). However, i think there would be too much explaining to do if i canceled the lesson since i also forfeited a lesson the week before (due to mental fatigue). So i rocked up for the session. The problem with me is that i never look sick when i am feeling sick.

I seemed to be getting fitter since i got through a lot more reps than in previous sessions, or maybe it was added motivation because i was starting to not just feel fat, but look fat too. I started perspiring. Beads of sweat dotted my temples. And i started to suffer some reflux. Very bad. My trainer looked alarmed.

“You never sweat. You really are sick!” he exclaimed.

We stopped a couple of minutes early and my trainer started making me do lighter weights instead. With some free time, i weighed myself. Bad move. I have gained weight. I do not believe it is muscles. True, i can see i am stronger since i can do more reps with heavier weights without giving up halfway, but i honestly do not think mere weights can make me put on more weight on top of the weight that i did not lose from my competitive Judo days SIX years ago. So now i am dismayed and unnerved. I need to do something about this.

I have actually started looking at BJJ classes and even turned up for one. But the training was so slack (the students training did not even break into a sweat till the last fifteen minutes when they started sparring), i felt that it was a waste of both my money and time. Anyway, there is another club closer to home that i am looking into. Hopefully i get to observe one class on Monday. The problem with being a former competitive martial artist is that i am used to highly intense training and i have come to expect that from all training. Hence i am hoping that this club will be pushing its students, as advertised on its website. It is a one hour class, surely something constructive will be taught and applied??


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