Role model

Many donkey years ago, a friend wrote a quote on her blog that i can’t quite remember off the top of my head, but it ran along the lines of some friends lasting for a season, others coming and going, and there are some that came for a reason.

I have never realized that i unconsciously choose role models in my life to learn from, but now that i really think back about it; it does explain the many ups and downs of my Life and even the great endless confusion that i sometimes find myself in.

Now that i have reconciled that fact with myself, i have also understood that role models are not saints and they do have bad points just like myself. They are still human. And it is when i discovered their finer less admirable points that i became overwhelmingly disappointed and even more perplexing, sad.

This quote keeps surfacing from the depths of my memory. Some people come and go, others stay for a reason. I guess i have exhausted many role models over my life, and the most recent one has just came to the end of its shelf life. I can learn no more from that person. A few people whom i have placed on high pedestals and who came crashing down; i still remain very close too. But there are also the ones where irreversible damage had been done to our friendships and we remain on terms more formal than strangers. It is just the way of Life. I have also long ago accepted that.

And yet there is one more thing in store for me. I also understand now that people who appear marvellous and brilliant on first sight aren’t really so. They are just more adept at concealing their weaknesses. And if you observe closely, these weaknesses will always trickle out under the most ordinary of circumstances. You just need to pay attention.

Now that things have been cleared up for me, i feel much happier and brighter. 🙂


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