Pariah dog

After two months spent divided between a boarding kennel and on a farm with me, my dog has simply become very uncivilized. Without our weekly basic obedience class, the dog has decided to take a walk on the wild side. Yesterday we returned to our usual routine of weekend training classes. I am appalled with my dog. Whilst she used to be one of the more obedient dogs (we even won a prize at the Christmas party organized by the obedience club!), this time, she was downright ridiculous. She tugged at her leash, ignored my commands, lurched for other dogs and snapped at them if they respond. What the heck. I guess it did not help that i was dilly-dallying so we came to the class half an hour late.

I hope we get our rhythm back soon or we will be relegated back to the lower level of obedience. It cannot be any more embarrassing. Midway through our lesson whilst i was trying to get my dog to walk without tugging on her leash, i sort of tripped, and all the treats fell out of my pocket. The dog of course was euphoric. I tried to pick as many of the treats off the floor as possible since we still have a significant part of the lesson to go through, and no treats would be a nightmare for a dog that has happily forgotten all her training. Then i dragged her off to catch up with the rest of the class. I was glad no one noticed my blunder since i was at the back of the class.

The other dogs in the class started becoming restless. Their attention waned from their owners and they started fidgeting. Their bewildered owners tried to command them but it was futile. One was a chubby Labrador, the other a Beagle. I instantly knew what the problem was. They could smell the food that i had spilled on the ground. They kept craning their necks backwards and their owners did the same. Whilst the dogs spotted the treats immediately, their owners did not. I tried not to giggle and hope no one would shoot me dirty looks.

Another class joined ours. The dogs who were walking obediently beside their owners picked up their paces. Their owners gave out commands but the dogs were too distracted. The commands rose in decibels. The dogs were frantic. Now i started to feel a little alarmed. Very quietly i urged my dog (who was observing the behaviour of the other dogs in curiosity) to start walking and we picked a spot as far from the place of the fallen treats as possible.

It was hilarious. I could not wipe the stupid grin off my face.


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