Dear Kids,

Take a tip. If you get a kick out of stealing someone’s bike, going on a joyride without a license with the police hot on your heels and you end up crashing; at least attempt to run rather than lie like blubbering fools on the ground.

Although I try to compartmentalize my feelings of misgiving, it is very difficult to do so when I see you trying to catch your mate’s eye to shoot him a grin of conspiracy. This despite both of you in C-collars with multiple abrasions everywhere. You could have killed some innocent person you unrepentant fool.

And it did not help when we called your mum in because you are a minor, and instead of admonishing you at the very least; she is actually behaving quite timidly around you; talking to you softly and you not even looking her in the eye. How disrespectful.

If you had parents like mine or my colleagues’, you would have been hit, yelled at and shamed in front of everyone. And you will be one step from being disowned. You have no idea how easy your life is.

God bless the patience of the police officers, the ED staff and the trauma team. We are all trying to put you back on the right path but you seemed woefully ignorant.


Yours truly,

The medical student who initially thought you were drowsy because of a head injury but was later enlightened and told that you were merely faking it in a cowardice bid to forget the night’s events.


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