I’m back

Apologies for not updating. I disappeared to a small country town to do a surgical elective; it was so backward, i had no internet for more than a month. Sometimes i had no phone reception. And on days when there are thunder storms, i have no electricity and water too! It didn’t help that on one of those days, a friend who was visiting, had diarrhea. She could not flush the toilet and there was no water to clean her hands. It was maddening. In the end, we sourced out some mineral water. You would have thought that the owner whose cottage i rented, would have a backup generator, especially since i pay a hundred bucks a night!

After that experience, i have concluded that i have no stomach for country living. I shared my abode with all sorts of insects – insects i could not even put a name too. Then one night i smacked a large black spider and it exploded into a million scattering babies. It was not funny. I was frozen in shock. I thought this sort of stuff was fiction. Clearly now i know better. The insect repellent did not work, and i ended up vacuuming the dead mother and all her tiny babies. I felt utterly miserable after that. If i had known that spiders carried their babies wherever they go, i would have simply shooed the spider out of the door. I paid the price of ignorance.

And the farmer whose cottage i rented invited me over to have some rabbit. I stared at the barbecued meat and i did not have any. He added that he personally hunted and shot that rabbit in his backyard. The same rabbit i had prevented my dog from chasing. I am not one with a weak stomach for meats. Hell, when i was living in South Africa for a couple of months when i was a kid, i had my fair share of exotic meats. But rabbits? Argh. They are pets. It is like eating dog meat. You get my drift? The farmer offered some to my dog to which she politely rejected (because i commanded her to do so).

It was good experience though. Don’t think there will be a second time.


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