Time is of the essence

Sometimes i wonder whether we use time as an excuse.

Are we so busy we can’t even stop to say hallo or smile at our patients as we bustle along the corridors?

Are we so busy we have to wheel our patient into the storeroom to take his bloods, instead of getting him into bed first?

Are we so busy we only focus on completing our procedures, such that we do not even acknowledge the patient or pause to ask how he/she is doing?

Are we so busy we cannot dispose our needles properly?

Are we so busy that we cannot take the time to explain the procedures we are doing before we cut/stab the patients with invasive medical equipment?

Tell me, isn’t all these part of our jobs as doctors? If they are not, then what exactly is in our job scope? And if so, why exactly are we hurrying? Since we don’t elicit a proper history or do a complete physical, tell me what is the rush then? I honestly did not put in six grueling years of studying just to do solely paperwork.

Am i being too idealistic, or has a lot of people forget what Medicine is all about?


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