I bought a BlackBerry Bold 9700 yesterday. My family was aghast i did not want an iPhone instead. But after they looked at the specs i think they understood that the BlackBerry was far more superior.  And anyway it doesn’t matter since my parents bought two iPhones, apparently one for each of them? One in black and one in white. Unbelievable. Even they are falling for the hype. My dad does not even know how to use the internet! There is no way i will be caught dead carrying the same phone as my parents’ generation, just like how i left Facebook after my twelve year old cousin added me, followed by my aunt and then my mum. Erm…thanks but no thanks.

I do not like the iPhone. I do not like the touchscreen, nor do i like the way it reminds me of my iPod. I have an iPod Touch – it drives me mad. So much so, i hardly listen to music on the go these days.

Anyway i am kicking myself for not being a BlackBerry convert way earlier. They have a very cool trackpad that is the equivalent of the the mousepad on a laptop. I am loving it. Loving the sleekness and the design and the layout.

My only question? Why can’t i save any of my contacts or photos directly onto the memory card?


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