Animal shelter

I went to the dog shelter just now. Actually, it was more like i was heading towards the pet megamart when i saw at least forty dogs milling together in a large compound. There was a young girl cleaning up the poo. On a hunch, i asked if it was an animal shelter. I was right.

I stared at the dogs milling together. Dogs of all sizes. In the Land of Fish and Chips, dogs were not allowed to mix both for the safety of the canines and the staff. Here this was the best they could do. Amazingly the dogs did not fight. The more dominant ones growled and the rest would scoot.

I entered the compound, and it seems, much to the surprise of the people operating it. I guess i wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion – in new jeans and a clean t-shirt? One thing is for sure, the dogs are very well-socialized with other canines but they were very shy when it came to human interactions.

My sense of smell has been stuffed thanks to my current cold (i have to say this upper respiratory tract infection i am getting is quite severe. I have been coughing violently. I would have thought this may be whooping cough except i have been vaccinated against it earlier this year. Last night, i did ponder about the chances of me getting pneumonia), so i could not smell the odour. I can tell you one thing for sure. The people who run the animal shelter know what they are in for. No one in Potato Land will be adopting any of the dogs. Not when these dogs are mongrels, large and seemingly ugly. It doesn’t matter that these dogs look up at you in earnest and strict loyalty, or observe you with intelligent curiosity. Potato Landers are very very very materialistic. And it does not help that there is a pet shop selling puppies at every corner. This is the sad truth of Life.

I really want to help rectify the situation but i think it is beyond me.


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