Feeling stupid

Feeling stupid is part of the life of being a medical student. But i am experiencing it more acutely here in Potato Land. I am not quite sure why. Perhaps i really should put in more studying (how?!) or it could be the difference in the way medicine is practiced. It is causing me marked distress, yet i can’t seem to pull myself out of this sluggish hole to read a textbook. I do get in a few pages now and then, but certainly not the kind of hours i will dedicate like those before my exams. I know it is my holidays and i should take a breather. I am. I am pursuing my reading appetite voraciously (and i am a tad crestfallen that i am not able to just spend my days lazing in bed reading the numerous novels i have bought from Borders a few days ago. I probably have to ship most of them back to the Land of Fish and Chips, which then pose another problem because my bookshelf back home is sagging under the weight of my novels. I have to get another bookshelf…soon). But i am perpetually exhausted. After my 12 hour days in the hospital, i catch up with old friends in the nights. By the time i get home, i literally collapse on my bed. Before my head hits the pillow, i am fast asleep. The cycle continues. How do i break out of this? I am not sure.


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