Changed tactics

I sprained my hip or something of the equivalent. I am tolerating pains that are radiating down to my groin. I went for my second Judo training yesterday (in five years! Sorry, i needed to reiterate that point to myself), got thrown and landed badly. The minute i hit the ground, felt my pelvis strained under the impact, bounced off the mats, and the pain came; i knew it was all over.

It was then i had an epiphany. Honestly, am i out of my mind? I just turned 24; did i really think i could be hauled around carelessly on the mats and still get away without any injuries? What has gotten into me?

I resolved to quit Judo on the spot. No more of this madness. I did think about it when i got home. I was a bit disappointed. During the remainder of the training session, i stood to one side, quietly observing the rest of the players sparring with one another. I wanted to join a bout, but i knew it was suicide. My priority ain’t Judo anymore. I have a surgical elective to commit to. I cannot possibly turn up at the hospital, hurrying after the surgeons as they go through one surgery after another with an injured lower limb. And i have another elective in a different country to consider too. The stakes are too high. Besides, i know i will be pummeled because i am not able to move my left hip, pelvis and leg without wincing in pain.

However, after talking to a friend and doing more thinking (and googling), i have come up with an alternative plan. Judo has two components – the throwing and the grappling. I have always been bad at the throwing part because i detest falling. But i know i am much better at groundwork, the grappling part. In my Judo days, my former coach did introduce and encourage me to take up Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) – a martial arts system that evolved solely on groundwork. I never took his advice seriously, especially after a friend commented that it looked like a variation of the Kama Sutra. And i must also admit that i was not that receptive to the idea of having to fight with males on the ground, especially since only men seemed to train in such martial arts.

Can you see where this is leading to?

Yes you can. Aha.

I found a BJJ academy near the next hospital i am heading to for my trauma elective. And one near my home back in the Land of Fish and Chips. I hope this turns out well.

And yes i will still be going for the Judo training till the end of the year, but i am going to cunningly step out of the throwing components.

I also know now how it feels like to have osteoarthritis of the hip. Maybe i can be more empathetic in the future.


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