Gastric cancer

Since i started on my general surgical elective, i have met three patients with primary gastric cancer and metastasis. They are all in their eighties. First off, i have never seen anyone with gastric cancer in the Land of Fish and Chips; hence to meet not one but three patients in a day here in Potato Land is quite startling. Secondly, i have grudgingly come to slowly accept that gastric cancer is more common in Asians, and although my grandmother had her gastric cancer diagnosed a year too late, perhaps it is not so much the doctor’s fault, but the natural course of an Asian genetic.

I will be on call in the next few days; and from what i heard from the interns, surgical on calls can be quite hectic. Personally, i am looking forward to that. Yesterday, i also did something that i have putting on for the last five years, or to be more accurate, something that i have been running away from for five years, and finally come to understand that it will be part of me. I attended my first Judo training after all this time. I think i have finally reconciled with myself that i have quite masculine traits and that really i have to first accept that in myself before i expect others to.

Obviously there’s no need to elaborate further on training. To my utmost surprise, i have gotten over my fear of falling. I think not having a black belt who is constantly hovering beside me, wanting to break one of limbs, helped. (I decided to change clubs.) Still i am aching, although not as miserable as the days when i was training for competitions; and i have earned myself the familiar line of bruises dotting the left side of my left shin. Luckily i wear long black pants to the hospital. When i used to train back in my schooling days, i would always have concerned classmates approaching me to ask if i have been abused at home.

Anyway, Life is very hectic at the moment. I am clocking close to 12 hours every day – there is no shift work in Potato Land hospitals. Interns are supposed to be in the hospital all the time. I am exhausted. More so than during my semesters in Medical School i should say.


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