Having procrastinated almost the whole of yesterday, i intended to do some serious studying after an enjoyable dinner with two most unlikely friends. Then one of them informed me that there was a surprise birthday party planned for another mutual friend after our dinner.

I think we must first understand that our dinner was not a mere simple dinner. Like i mentioned before; had i not been sent to a hospital in the wilderness, i would have never met these two people, nor make a proactive approach to know them. We are just so different that our paths would not have otherwise crossed had it not been the hand of fate. I always look forward to our dinners because conversation is always very intellectual and most usually over a glass of wine or two. I get loads of insight because for once, instead of someone listening and hanging on to my every word (think: family), or me getting bowled over by rapid-fire speech with increasing volume that threatens to blow my precious ears off (think: crazy pompous med students), conversation is very balanced and moderated. Maybe it is because one of us is older than two of us put together, and so a massive amount of life experiences does command an automatic level of respect. Maybe it is because we are all nice kind people, not wanting to put the other down. But i do sincerely enjoy such dinner conversations, and wish i could have more of them.

So of course our dinner was not a quick affair. We spent about four hours around the dinner table before whizzing off to another friend’s house, complete with a birthday cake and sparkles for candles. I must add that those damn sparkles were a bloody disappointment, because they did not even fizz. The hell?? I would give the company who sold it an earful if i had the energy or the time. They are lucky i am in the middle of exams, right smack in panic mode. The birthday surprise was a simple affair; surrounded by new found friends who are actually quite like-minded and yet dissimilar in another way, it was good. The birthday girl was not expecting it because she assumed no one will have the time since we are studying. True, most med students will be mugging away. False, because not all of us fail to understand that quality time spent with friends is as important! šŸ™‚

Anyway, by the time i got home, it was past midnight. I fed the dog and let her out, managed to read only a sheet or two of notes before i decided i really cannot afford to screw up my sleep-wake cycle just before my exams. My sleep was fitful though since i kept waking up to rationalize that i SHOULD be able to sleep because the wine i drank was a central nervous system (CNS) depressant (hah!) which should combat the americano i drank, a CNS stimulant.

As you can tell, i am stressed.


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