I never thought it was possible to find a plausible reason to stop studying. A slow constant throbbing headache has been dogging me since a few days before my exams. Despite the insistence of my friends, i do not believe that i am developing the start of migraines (in fact last night i was wondering, for those people who develop visual auras before their migraines and actually lose vision for a few minutes, isn’t that kind of dangerous? I was just visualizing myself ricocheting in my car (and yes i drive fast) when darkness envelopes me, and i slam on my brakes wondering what is going to happen next, and all i hear is the screeching of brakes, and a loud crash and all goes silent. Not pretty at all).

I believe i am straining my eyes. I have been constantly reading and reading. I must admit it was not all medicine that i was reading despite my exams being the very NEXT DAY. I was and still am flipping through architectural and design magazines. (Don’t ask me why, it’s difficult to answer.) If it ain’t magazines, then it’s novels. If not my notes, then journal articles. I mean what else can i do? I don’t suppose they conveniently have podcasts directly related to what i am studying at the moment – emergency medicine, psychiatry, geriatrics, rehab and palliative care? Speaking of which, i can’t believe that question on death came out!!! Argh. So yes, my poor eyes.

I tried to alleviate some of the tension building in my head by watching TV. Maybe the longer distance will help? Surprisingly it did. I am amazed. But i am just waiting for the point when my headache becomes the worst headache in my life, by which then i shall calmly drive myself to the nearest emergency department, or for my pupils to develop corneal injections, by which case i should probably check myself into the eye hospital.

Anyway…i am so fatigued by these headaches that i just want to sleep. This is so unproductive. And now i have to do my marketing. Please excuse me.


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