Out of touch

I have noticed how out of touch with family life i have become. It was Halloween two days ago. Hell, i did not even know that. I never celebrated Halloween, was never in my culture. Never seen anyone here celebrate it either, but then of course, i have no friends the age of kiddies, or i will be quite paedophilic. And then just before i was about to leave for a friend’s birthday party, i heard the doorbell rang. I saw two kids dressed as witches at my door. They stared expectantly and eagerly at me. But took a tentative step back when my dog growled. My dog ain’t used to kids either.

Instantly, i felt a sense of impending doom.

“Is it Halloween?” i stammered, in a feeble bid to make conversation with these children. God, i have not spoken to children in ages.

“Yes!” one of the girls answered excitedly. Her sister nodded solemnly.

“Erm, ok, give me a minute.”

I walked slowly towards my kitchen, knowing full well i had no secret stash of chocolate, and neither did my housemate. It was also at this point in time did it occur to me how excruciatinly healthy both of us are, with not a single junk food in the house. And for once, i wondered whether that was normal. I made a show of rumaging around, and finally i knew i could stall no more. I sighed inwardly, took two muesli bars, plastered a weak smile on my face and went to the door.

The kids looked confused. Their dad looked horrified. I was appalled. I guess that made us quits?

After they left, i made a quick escape to my friend’s party. I saw more kids walking up my street and i felt even more nauseated. That was a close shave. I gave my housemate a heads up, but she got lucky. It started raining by the time she got home, so she got off. Damn.

On hindsight, i think perhaps it was better to have dropped a dollar or two in their buckets and tell them to get their own candy. Might have been better. Oh well, there’s always next year. And i will be sure to have a supply of chocolates ready, though i think i have probably earned myself an infamous reputation with the neighbourhood kids (and parents). How i managed to evade them the last two years still beats me. I must have been busy at work to even realize…