Superficiality or reality?

It has always bothered me how bootlicking political correct people always rise to the top faster than others. I do not think the art of shelling compliments nor the act of pretense is difficult; rather they run along the lines of being immoral, the former being shameless and the latter tedious. So it comes as a shock, albeit a rather enlightening one, when recently, someone of quite high standing, decided to take it upon herself to teach us how to survive in this society.

Her pearls of wisdom?

“In Life, there are plenty of occasions where you are forced to apologize for mistakes you did not do.”

“You must be as bootlicky as possible.”

“You must call the other person’s bluff, certainly i have done that plenty of times.”

This coming from a nearly seventy year old retired doctor.

She gave us this lecture not out of goodwill, but rather out of exasperation for our lack of foresight? Intelligence? Pride?

I felt relieved that this was acknowledged by someone high up the totem pole, at the same time, i could not help but shove the tiny feeling of disgust at the back of my mind.

So this is what society is like?

Seriously, when someone lavishes you with praises, surely, you should get at least a tad suspicious? Taking such words without a pinch of salt can blindsight you and cause your demise. That’s how i operate anyway.

Very sad world.