Another strange product of society

I hate being a University student, specifically a medical student. I am so poor, i am always in despair. Ok, not always, that’s an exaggeration, but i have sporadic worries about my financial situation. University is infamous for ripping great big gaping holes in students’ pockets. Medical school is a double-whammy, because our timetable is so hectic and all over the place that we can’t even hold down a proper part-time job. Who wants to hire people who have irregular schedules, or who can only work a few hours on the weekend? It is difficult to bond with the team, and the boss has to pay us a higher wage since we obviously have to be casual workers, and not the usual part-time or full-time staff.

More importantly, with whatever time left on our hands as medical students, we would probably like to spend it more productively with patients, clocking clinical experience, so we are less likely to kill someone when we graduate, or we would really appreciate a break where we can catch up on our sleep, then we will also be less likely to kill someone accidentally.

Yet our starting wage is such a pittance, i wonder whether it even justifies the hefty course fees we have to pay as an initial investment. True, we earn more as we gain seniority. But honestly, what is the point of earning so much, later on in our lives, where it will come in less helpful, then now, when we are struggling and trying to make ends meet?

Society just befuddles me sometimes. We make it so difficult for us to function, and then we wonder about the rise of mental illnesses. Jeez.